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Hemophilia Joint Visualizer

Helping patients understand the benefits of prophylaxis
and the importance of adherence for their joint health

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  • Input your patient’s age, treatment regimen and approximate number of bleeds experienced yearly
  • Demonstrate how your patient’s treatment regimen or adherence rate can affect the health of their joints by showing what is happening inside their joints
  • Select activities in which your patient participates and generate a customized summary for your patient to take home

I agree to the terms and conditions listed below. This is not a diagnostic tool. This tool is intended to promote a discussion between a healthcare professional and a patient with hemophilia A about joint damage and joint health. The joint images are not meant to reflect the joint of the patient but are interpretations of the five stages of joint damage according to the Arnold-Hilgartner classification scale.

Hemophilia Joint Visualizer

Introducing an interactive, customizable tool that will give your patients an inside look at joint health.

Joint damage modeling based on the Arnold-Hilgartner classification of hemophilic arthropathy.